Bidestan factory has been built on a 13-hectare land at 10 km of the old Karaj-Qazvin road. Company products, alcohol packaging unit, production unit of hot and cold sauces, production unit of by-products including olives and pickles and laboratory unit equipped with the most up-to-date equipment used in quality control of the company’s products, readiness to play a role as one of the main suppliers. It has food and health.

Due to entering the field of food products production and in order to complete the product portfolio and provide newer services to the food product consumers, Bidestan Company has seriously entered the field of producing cold sauces since the early 70s according to the changes in the lifestyle of consumers. And it was confirmed that with diligent efforts, in addition to producing nearly 30 types of products, it is still diversifying and completing its product portfolio and offering diverse products with new flavors.

The satisfaction and nutritional health of customers is one of our main priorities in policy making and setting the goals of Bedistan company. We consider ourselves committed to producing and supplying high-quality products, gaining customer satisfaction, and producing and supplying healthy food in order to create a healthy, energetic and capable society, and in this way, we have used all our power to comply with professional principles, honesty , responsibility and work conscience and continuous effort, let’s achieve this goal.
We have chosen the continuous improvement of the company’s quality and current processes as an important goal, and in order to achieve these goals, we have obtained ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, OHSAS, ISO 10002:2014, ISO 14001:2015 certificates, as well as obtaining a valid CE certificate. We are involved in the production products and current processes of the company.

The view of the senior managers on obtaining the satisfaction of Iranian customers and paying attention to Iranian taste and food made Bidestan to try with a firm determination to produce products suitable for the Iranian table, and in this direction, since 2016, by building and operating various processing and packaging lines Olives and pickles created the possibility of producing products such as salted olives, pickled garlic, etc., and besides using the internal power of reliable, well-known producers and in sync with their strategies in providing healthy food for the Iranian society to produce Use other products in your food basket.


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