Three liters of white distilled vinegar

By extracting alcohol from molasses or glucose and purifying it (distillation of alcohol), the raw material of vinegar production is provided to the baby vinegar (community of steobacteria) and thus distilled vinegar is produced.

جزئیات محصول

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  • گروه:


  • نوع محصول:

    white distilled vinegar

  • موارد مصرف:


  • وزن خالص:

    3 liters

  • نوع بسته بندی:

    Distilled vinegar with polyethylene caramel

  • تعداد در بسته بندی:

    4 pieces in a carton

  • زمان ماندگاری:

    2 years after production

توضیحات تکمیلی

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5% distilled vinegar
Keep away from heat and sunlight
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